General Terms


Betting Company a service (1xBet) in the Internet that allows users to place bets on a sporting event online.

Affiliate Programme a marketing agency that attracts new visitors to the website with the help of affiliate schemes.

Affiliate web master (an individual or a legal entity) which fulfils the conditions of the Affiliate Programme at, attracts new users and thus promotes the products of 1xBet Betting Company.

Players the Betting Company's clients who have logged in after following the affiliate link.

Earnings some money, raised by the Affiliate as a commission fee from the profit of the attracted players.

Payment crediting the Affiliate's earnings from the internal invoice of the Affiliate Programme to external payment system.

Accounting Period some period of time during which the money raised by the Affiliate becomes available for transfer into external payment system.

Promotional Materials a set of tools for promotion of 1xBet Betting Company's in the Internet.


Affiliate Agreement


1) Affiliate agrees to read, understand and accept the conditions of the Affiliate Programme before starting to work with it.

2) The Affiliate Programme conditions may be changed. If so, the affiliate will be informed by e-mail.

3) Only a client over 18 years of age can participate in and fulfil the conditions of the Affiliate Programme.

4) The Affiliate is fully responsible for the safety of personal data including login and password. 1xBet Affiliate Programme bears no responsibility for loss pf personal data.

5) It is possible to stop cooperation with one or another Affiliate and 1xBet Affiliate Programme does not have to explain the reason for rejection.

6) 1xBetAffiliate Programme has the right to make changes to the existing regulations. The working Regulations are those posted on the Affiliate Programme website at the moment. It is impossible to trace the chronology of changes. If the conditions of the Affiliate Programme are changed, the clients will be informed by e-mail, that was submitted by the Affiliate when registered.

7) Clients of the Affiliate Programme are provided with graphic promotional materials without text. Affiliates can use the information on the website in all possible ways.

8) Affiliates are not allowed to promote 1xBet Betting Company by way of e-mail spam, contextual advertising mentioning the brand 1xBet and any traffic which speculates on the brand of the company. If such actions are revealed the Affiliate's personal account will be closed, all the raised money will be annulled and commission fees will be withheld.

9) The Affiliate is not allowed to use cookie stuffing:
- open 1xBet website in iframe as a pixel tag as well as as a transparent link;
- installing tags, cookie scripts and other similar manipulations.

Partner prohibited the use of contextual advertising mentioning the brand 1xBet

If a participant of the Affiliate Programme violates the given Regulations his personal account will be annulled and blocked.

10) The Affiliate Programme is available only for one participant. Second registration as a sub-partner is strictly prohibited.

11) Affiliate is prohibited to register their personal player account with a bookmaking company through their own affiliate link and to collude with other players


Commission Fees for Referrals


The Affiliate's earnings are not fixed. They depend on the Betting Company's revenue from the players, who have logged in after following the Affiliate link. Commission fees, bonuses, total turnover of the attracted player do not affect the Affiliate's earnings, which are equal to 25% of the Betting Company's clean profit, raised by the Affiliate's players. The Affiliate's rate may be changed. If so, the Affiliate will be informed by e-mail.

Payment of Commission Fees


The Affiliate can get its commission fees before the 20th of each month, but only if he has filed an application for the payment beforehand (earlier than the 1st of the month), and if the payment does not exceed the minimal sum of $100 or 5000 Roubles. If the Affiliate does not have such a sum, his money will be automatically transferred to the next month and it will repeat until the necessary sum is accumulated. Adverse balance is also transferred to the next month.
1xBet Affiliate Programme has the right to delay payments to the Affiliates for the period up to 2 months in case of unforeseen technical failures on the part of the Affiliate Programme and when required to check the Affiliate and the source of his traffic.


Dispute Resolution Procedure


The participants of Affiliate Programme 1xBet-partners can dispute any question, because the Affiliate Programme considers all issues provided there are concrete facts and arguments . They should be sent at the Affiliate Programme support service e-mail. Within 14 days from receiving the letter complaints and requests will be reviewed and the Affiliate will receive a notification about the results in a return e-mail. It is prohibited to use in the letter obscene language, insults of any kind and false data.